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Tom Hruschka

- Ph.D. in BioEngineering. University of California-Berkeley. 2003.
     - B.S. in BioMedical and Electrical Engineering. Duke University. 1998

     Tom has 7 years of extensive experience tutoring, mentoring, and developing and leading math and science programs in the extended San Francisco Bay Area.  Tom understands that each student learns differently, so he encourages students to explore their own learning processes to find what works best for them. He strives to help students become independent learners and feel empowered and inspired about their education. After honing his tutoring and mentoring skills as Tutor and Site Director at LifeWorks Learning Center in Mill Valley, CA, Tom founded MindGarden Tutoring in 2010 with the goal of helping teens in the Santa Rosa area develop the skills necessary to succeed in school and find balance between their academic, extracurricular, and social lives.

Courses and Subjects:
     Specializing in all levels of math (pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics), Tom also has proven success tutoring students in general study skills and specific course content for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Science, Anatomy, Physiology, History, English, Spanish, and French. While helping students with specific subjects, he also helps them with the broader learning skills that can be applied to all other subjects.

SAT and ACT prep:
     Tom has experience developing and teaching SAT and ACT prep courses, and knows how to help students learn the techniques that will maximize their test scores. Currently, he is available to help students with test prep in Private, Small Group, or Homework Club sessions. He is developing new curriculum and content for MindGarden SAT and ACT prep courses. More details to come.

     Tom lives in Santa Rosa with his wife Carolyn, playful 2-year-old daughter Zoë, and their loyal pal Gus the dog. In his free time he enjoys cooking, mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding, trail running, gardening, hiking, and playing guitar. His extensive travels in Europe, Central and South America, the South Pacific, New Zealand, and Australia have broadened his cultural awareness and he carries these experiences with him into his career as a tutor and mentor. He approaches both his life and his career with a sense of humor, hoping that it is contagious.

Tom is currently the lead tutor/mentor at MindGarden. If you are interested in joining the MindGarden team, please contact us.